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Super Gripper

Build grip strength and a Crushing Grip by using a supergripper (super gripper):

TO DEVELOP maximum forearm size and crushing grip strength, you might want to click the link below! The best way to develop grip strength is by using hand grippers. Hand grippers also known as super gripper or supergripper can great in building muscle mass on the forearms and building bone crushing strength! Hand grippers are used by attempting to close the gripper! Not any super gripper (supergripper) will do however, so don't go and pick the first one you come across!

Unfortunately not all grippers are built the same, the two best kinds of the market are the ones manufactured by ironmind enterprises and they sell super grippers called, "Captains of Crush" grippers (they cost about $19.95 each, and these supergripper have a series of five difficulty levels. Here is a quick breakdown of the grippers and their difficulty level:

Trainer: 100 lb pressure

Number One: 140 lb pressure

Number Two: 195 lb pressure

Number Three: 280 lb pressure

Number Four: 360 lb pressure

These super grippers are the industry standard for strength! If you can use these babies you can crush bones to dust.the question is, have you got the mental fortitude to use them on a regular basis?

Ivanko also sells an adjustable device called the "Super Gripper, which is also a great tool for developing crushing grip strength. Super grippers should be used like any other bodybuilding machine, add progressive overload, intensity, volume and you will make astounding forearm and grip strength gains.

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Super Gripper

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